In search of unicorns

In search of unicorns

So the Brexit saga continues with Captain May still at the controls of H.M.S. Titanic, despite hitting a rather large iceberg yesterday when Parliament comprehensively rejected her EU withdrawal deal.

In trying to predict what will happen now, my natural inclination is to look at the logical outcomes. I’m fully aware that this might seem hopelessly naive. Politics is not logical, either in Parliament or in the electorate at large.

But bear with me for a moment. My logic is as follow. There is no version of a Brexit deal that can be agreed with the EU and also get through Parliament. No deal would be a disaster that almost nobody wants. The only way to break the political logjam will be another referendum.

I’m aware that politicians don’t want this and that another referendum might give the same result. But at least going back to the people would enable us to move forward. In the end I think politicians will be forced to accept that this is the only option.

The key thing will be to ensure that all the options that we ask the people to choose between are real, implementable, options.

Not lies, fantasies and unicorns.