Go Pro fun

Bird sitting on Go Pro
I’ve been experimenting with my new Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition camera. I bought it with the intention of shooting some ski action in Val d’Isère next week, but thought I should practice using the camera first, rather than trying it out for the first time up a mountain.

My chosen subject matter was birds in the garden and I got some great shots. I’m really quite impressed with the image quality this tiny camera can produce. As you can see from the photo above, the birds weren’t at all put off by the camera and regarded it as a convenient new perch. A great feature of the Go Pro is the waterproof housing, which meant that I didn’t need to wait for dry weather to try it out. Without that, I think I would still be waiting, given the lovely British weather recently.

Anyway, here’s a short clip from the session, cropped from a larger high resolution movie file.